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> If it were still available, *The Well-Tempered Sentence* by someone
> whose name I can't remember, but I fear that when *The New 
> Well-Tempered
> Sentence* came out my chances of getting that became very slim, if it
> ever even existed at all.

Here you go -- from Michael Quinion's World Wide Words of Dec 13 --

5. Book Reviews in brief
THE NEW WELL-TEMPERED SENTENCE  If you prefer an American take on
punctuation, you may like to try Karen Elizabeth Gordon's book,
first published in 1983 but here presented in paperback for the
first time. It is claimed to "rescue punctuation from the perils of
boredom", and covers much the same ground as Lynne Truss's work.
Despite that puff, and the subtitle "A Punctuation Handbook for the
Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed", it does so in a relatively
formal way that requires you to have some knowledge of grammar to
understand when to apply the rules. The examples are the funniest
part, which have been chosen as much for their whimsical sidelights
on the human condition as for their value as illustrations. [Karen
Elizabeth Gordon; published by Mariner Books (a Houghton Mifflin
imprint) at $10.00; ISBN 0-618-38201-1.]

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