Firefly (was Re: LotR and the BBCs Big Read)

Chris Dollin eh at
Sun Dec 21 08:41:33 EST 2003

On Saturday 20 Dec 2003 10:09 pm, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:
> Melissa:
> >It should have been, but not being actually in the UK I never paid
> > attention to times and/or television channels.  A few months after it was
> > cancelled here, we saw that it would be aired in the UK with the three
> > episodes that we never saw, which is what made that little news item
> > stand out.  I think this would have been back in May or June.
> Thanks, Melissa.  Maybe it did show at some stage and I missed it,
> but nobody's piped up to say it was on.  Mind you, I wasn't checking
> the BBC death-slot kept specially for science
> fiction/fantast/cult/whatever shows that carefully.

I don't know if it showed on ordinary TV - Jules and I watched it on
cable (Sci-Fi channel).

"Josh Whedon does Westerns in Space - well [1]".

[1] Ignoring the physics. 

Chris the Hedgehog
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