christmas book wishes

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sat Dec 20 18:47:03 EST 2003

> >I looked on amazon and the publisher sites, but the info they give doesn't
> >really answer this question.
>I suspect they may find it a bit baffling to try to sum it up? I find it
>hard to think of any helpful way to describe/define it, and I don't
>think it would be very easy for anyone to write an informative
>back-cover blurb, as it were, that would really convey the flavour of
>the thing.

Okay, well, can you answer this question -- would it be helpful to an 
advanced Stylistics class? My class were so bored with their regular 
grammatical textbook that they didn't read it at all, which kind of defeats 
the point.

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