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Sat Dec 20 13:40:55 EST 2003

Dorian E. Gray wrote:

>  What a title:  "The New Well Tempered Sentence: A Punctuation Handbook for
>the Innocent, the Eager and the Doomed". :-)  It's by Karen Elizabeth
>Gordon.  She also wrote a grammar book called "The Transitive Vampire: A
>Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager and the Doomed", which I
>read out of the library.


>  Amazon also throws up "The Disheveled Dictionary: A Curious Caper Through
>our Sumptuous Lexicon" and "Torn Wings and Faux Pas: A Flashbook of Style, a
>Beastly Guide Through the Writer's Labyrinth", both of which I now want.

Want!  WANT!!  muttermuttermutter

and I bet none of these are Coming Soon to what I lovingly think of as
"A Second-Hand Bookshop Near *Me*"

So I wonder where I got the idea that the NWTS was a sequel or perhaps a
re-write of a WTS title? If it is, I want the first one too, if it isn't
I want the other three anyway, is the simple way for me to think of it
at this point, anyhow.

The trouble is that my books-want-list doesn't have a regular home, so I
don't remember to ask for them by name before they stop being "new" and
start to be "hunt through the second hand shops" items, and that doesn't
work, for some reason, for Christmas and birthday presents.  Though I
did get a copy of the Oxford book of 16th Century Verse in the old
lovely blue hardback given to me second-hand recently: a library copy
put up for sale, which fair makes me despair of our library system.

Minnow (who has a library copy of the 1st edition *Drowned Ammet* and a
nasty feeling that it would be better if this were still in the library
being borrowed and read by children...)
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