LotR and the BBCs Big Read

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Dec 19 18:15:49 EST 2003

Robyn replied to Melissa (which helped me as my server account was 
*cancelled* yesterday for no good reason at all - meaning I couldn't 
get email for most of two days. Sigh) :

>>I tell my kids that this is the mark of an avid reader: no such thing as one
>>favorite book.  Only people who haven't read much can afford to have a
>>single favorite.  (Snobbery, there, but oh well.)

I will remember this and use it when feeling too indecisive! :) 
Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that's not actually the reason (mine, 
that is); funnily enough, this exact conversation is going on atm on 
a forum on BookCrossing.  At least one of the people involved in the 
discussion even voted in the Big Read (and it was for Pride and 
Prejudice, after multiple reads).  But people split almost down the 
middle, between the 'couldn't possibly choose one favourite' camp and 
the 'this is my favourite book of all time' camp.  And people who are 
active enough to take part in the Forum discussions are all avid 
readers.  I'm working on a  mini theory about adults who still read 
children's/teen books having a greater need for multiple categories, 
but there's probably nothing to it.  (We're like *onions*.  We have 

>>  Or television show, although after watching the DVD release of Firefly this
>>week I think I have a favorite.

Why do I have a memory of you (Melissa, or possibly someone else) 
saying that this was about to start on telly over here?  (loosely 
here).   I've been looking out for it ever since, but no joy.  What 
is it, anyway?


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