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Fri Dec 19 16:08:37 EST 2003

  Widdy wondered (very alliteratively)...
  > What's a fry-up? I get the general picture, but are there specific
  > ingredients?

  It rather depends on just where you are.  Here in Dublin, a fry-up usually
involves rashers (bacon), eggs, sausages, black pudding, white pudding, and
if you're lucky, tomatoes and mushrooms.  Often, also, baked beans.
Sometimes hash browns.  Usually served with a couple of slices of toast on
the side, and a cup of tea or coffee.

  In Northern Ireland, you can add fried bread and fried potato bread
(yummmm!) to the above.

  In England (in my experience), the puddings are often absent, the
mushrooms are iffy, and they have a weird tendency to offer you *tinned*
tomatoes.  Hash browns seem to turn up more often than here, though.

  But the rashers, eggs and sausages are pretty much universal.  After that,
you're pretty much at the mercy of the fryer-upper.

  Until the sky falls on our heads...

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