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Belben, Philip ( Generation ) Philip.Belben at eme.co.uk
Fri Dec 19 05:37:23 EST 2003

>> (The invention of the Embroidery Factory with all its ramifications
>> seem to have got much further, though.)
> Oh no? I think we visited it in Merlin Conspiracy.

I must have dozed off when the Embroidery Factory entered this thread,
but on the assumption that it got here from the Tough guide...

Didn't Milda work there for a while when she was being single mum in the
slums of Holand?  Um... no.  She worked there when Al was still living
with her.  After he left, she was too frightened to go out and got
sacked for absenteeism.  But her next job was probably embroidery again,
since that's what she was good at.

(I think in the Merlin Conspiracy, they were weavers rather than
embroiderers.  Or is that a nitpick?  No it isn't!  It was important to
the plot that when they learnt to weave intricate desings - if not
spellcoats :-) - then they could rise out of their oppression.  If they
had been embroiderers, they would have been doing intricate designs


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