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Helen wrote:

>I thought I remembered reading in her memoirs that she deliberately 
>introduced a fake piece of slang in order to catch out another Regency-writer whom she 
>suspecting of lifting her research. (Said writer duly introduced it in her -- 
>I assume it was her -- next book.) Does anyone know what that was? I suspect 
>"don't make a cake of yourself," having never met that one anywhere else ever, 
>but it's hardly my period, either.

It can't be that because that's definitely authentic: S.O.D. has "cake"
as meaning "silly fool" dating from 1785, and the Dictionary of the
Vulgar Tongue (1811) has "cake or cakey" meaning the same.  I don't know
which it would be if it isn't the basilicum business.  As I say,
whenever one thinks one has found something "wrong" somebody else can
say "no, that's ok", in my experience so far.

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