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> Robyn asked:
> >What's your view on Heyer? All her biographers go on about how meticulous
> >her research is. It's not my period, so I can't nitpick her.
> I understand that the devoted ladies (and gentlemen) of the Heyer list have
> so far caught I think it's two almost-certain errors in her Regency-period
> work; there may be others.

I thought I remembered reading in her memoirs that she deliberately 
introduced a fake piece of slang in order to catch out another Regency-writer whom she 
suspecting of lifting her research. (Said writer duly introduced it in her -- 
I assume it was her -- next book.) Does anyone know what that was? I suspect 
"don't make a cake of yourself," having never met that one anywhere else ever, 
but it's hardly my period, either.

Helen Schinske
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