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> My feeling is that they *should* for their own joyful amusement, but the
> original small books that came out in his lifetime are devilish hard to
> find second-hand.  I don't think people tend lightly to get rid of *I Said
> Oddly, Diddle I* or *Idly Oddly* or *Oddly Bodlikins* or *Gladly Oddly* if
> they once have them; they probably make special mention of them in codecils
> to their Wills.  It's taken me thirty years to collect just those four, and
> I know there are more than that, because "Oddly Enough" and "Even Oddlier"
> are listed at the front, but I have never seen those two at all.

I'm sure you don't want me to mention this, but if you were webbed 
up you could visit and get both today for 
about a tenner. You could also get *Model oddlies*, *Oodles of 
oddlies*, *It's an odd thing, but...* and *Next to oddliness*, which 
all seem to be separate titles rather than reissues under different 
guises. Sad how the net kills the thrill of the chase where 2nd hand 
books are concerned, but still... tempting.

All of these are quite new to me - too young. I did grow up with the 
Jenguin Pennings though, which was a bog book in my house for a 
time - so I was aware of Douglas Adams' imposture with *The 
meaning of Liff*.



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