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Irina wrote:

>On Tuesday 16 December 2003 18:26, minnow at wrote:
>> Have you ever encountered a piece by Paul Jennings (may he rest in
>> peace) (no, not the children's author, the humourous columnist)
>I always thought that was the same person. Are there really two of him?

No, alas, now only one left.

There was apparently an occasion on which "Paul Jennings" was advertised as
being a speaker at a convention of some sort that DWJ and Robert Westall
were both at, and they got excited about how good this was going to be ....
and gradually realised that it was a different bloke of the same name, and
that they should have remembered that the one they were thinking of was
dead.  And that they must *not* look disappointed.

Pterry (on a panel with Neil Gaiman and DWJ and Mike Harrison, at the ICA
in London some years ago) allowed as how he has got a certain amount of
inspiration from the essays of the original Paul Jennings, but that nobody
ever notices because too few people read Jennings these days.

My feeling is that they *should* for their own joyful amusement, but the
original small books that came out in his lifetime are devilish hard to
find second-hand.  I don't think people tend lightly to get rid of *I Said
Oddly, Diddle I* or *Idly Oddly* or *Oddly Bodlikins* or *Gladly Oddly* if
they once have them; they probably make special mention of them in codecils
to their Wills.  It's taken me thirty years to collect just those four, and
I know there are more than that, because "Oddly Enough" and "Even Oddlier"
are listed at the front, but I have never seen those two at all.


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