Stew (see scurvy)

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Thu Dec 18 06:22:17 EST 2003

Ven wrote

>On the cooking of rabbit: I went on an
>archaeological survey of a small Scottish island.
>Local meat prices were high, ludicrously so,
>hence we ate a lot of the local rabbits. One of
>my colleagues was born in India -- you ain't had
>rabbit til you've had authentic tandoori rabbit.
>Superb, but I'm afraid I don't remember how long
>it took to cook, and I think only fantasy
>adventurers with wagons should be allowed to
>carry the little clay oven in their luggage!

Yes! to that last.

Is the rabbit a native of India, or did the
British take it there (mad fools, that would be
grounds for an action for compensation against
the entire Raj if nothing else was!) or what?


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