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Thu Dec 18 06:22:13 EST 2003

Jon told a sad tale:

>--- minnow at wrote:
>> This cautionary tale indicates to me that the
>> relationship between some men
>> and frying-pans is a somewhat uneasy one, and they
>> shouldn't be encouraged
>> to fraternise.
>Ohh I dunno, my wife, after the provocation of a
>particularly viscious pun once picked up a fry pan to
>threaten to hit me with it and only realised is was
>coated in boiling fat when it all ran out and down her
>arm. She was in agony for weeks and has never touched
>once since.

DWJ again, her Le Creuset pan, almost as old as mine,
turned in the hand holding it (her husband's) and
poured the greasy detergenty water that was meant to
be soaking in it all over the kitchen floor.  This was
gleefully described as "We've Had Another Inundation!"
Last week, apparently.

*He* said it was a Traitorous Rotating Device and that
she ought to have a new one, and *she* reminded him
that they own it because it was the proximate cause of
a divorce, having been a Christmas present that was
thrown with some force onto a skip by the departing
wife and rescued therefrom by DWJ's Thrifty Son.

Not her divorce; someone the family knew.

An Inundation is nothing like as nasty as what you
decribe though, I hope your wife was not scarred for
life (except obviously for the mental scars that
lead to no more fryups, which it's no good me wishing
against at this late date.)


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