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Thu Dec 18 06:22:22 EST 2003

Deborah wrote:

>as an incurable reader of Regency romances, one of my great joys of life
>is dog earing pages with ridiculous anachronisms (not counting
>ridiculously anachronistic feminism, because that's fair within the
>genre).  My books are very dogeared.
>Its funniest because most Regency romance authors do some small set of
>very specific historical study -- they want to get exactly right when
>flintlocks were introduced, and they're usually very detailed in their
>military history-- but then they get completely ridiculous things wrong.

I wish I could remember and point out for you the title and author of the
"regency" romance I once read in which the heroine wore nylons.  They
laddered at some critical moment, was how we knew.  Not a hole or a run but
specifically a ladder.  I don't *think* she repaired the damge with nail
varnish, but I have to say that the rest was of about the same historically
accurate standard, including getting the date of the Battle of Waterloo
wrong by a month and Trafalgar by two years, so by that stage of the book
nothing would have surprised me.

I didn't bother to write to the author; it seemed likely that she would
have no idea what I was wittering about.  Or gibbering, or whatever I was
by the end....  I entirely understood why whoever had left it behind in a
small hotel in Italy had done so!


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