LotR and the BBCs Big Read

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Wed Dec 17 21:59:43 EST 2003

> I did contemplate that scary thought, but then wondered why you'd vote for
a favourite book if
> you haven't read anything since you were in you mid teens?

Please Miss! I can answer that.

When putting down a list of hobbies, many people automatically write down
things their subconscious says it enjoys. This happens even when the last
time that activity was performed/enjoyed was many years ago. My subC says it
enjoys riding. I rode very regularly from the ages of 11-21, and then
stopped when I got pregnant. (I was very sick.)  While my children grew out
of babyhood, my pony grew into OldHorseHood and died, alas, at the age of
28. I've ridden only a handful of times since. I still enjoy it when I get
the chance, but it costs too much and it's also too dangerous when a broken
wrist could render me unable to work. If I had my own pony, I would be safe,
but unknowns are always chancy.

So - I still think (and occasionally say) I love to ride. That's what my
SubC wants me to say.


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