Stew (see scurvy)

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Wed Dec 17 16:57:30 EST 2003

> On the cooking of rabbit: I went on an
> archaeological survey of a small Scottish island.
> Local meat prices were high, ludicrously so,
> hence we ate a lot of the local rabbits. One of
> my colleagues was born in India -- you ain't had
> rabbit til you've had authentic tandoori rabbit.
> Superb, but I'm afraid I don't remember how long
> it took to cook, and I think only fantasy
> adventurers with wagons should be allowed to
> carry the little clay oven in their luggage!

However, you _could_ encase the rabbit in a flour/water paste, I
suppose... :)

-- Jenne, who is amused at the confluence of her two lists, and also
suspected that Tolkein's camping experiences were far from theoretical.
Especially the damp bits.

-- Pani Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika jenne at
".. objections to the evils of political correctness have become a
hypocritical reflex that lets people justify all kinds of rude behavior
while telling themselves that they're actually standing up for freedom and
values and tradition and stuff."
-- Phil Agre, author, Red Rock Eater News Service.

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