Stew (see scurvy)

Ven vendersleighc at
Tue Dec 16 22:14:10 EST 2003

Minnow wrote 

<.......and if I were looking for 
advice on cooking I'd probably
feel that someone who actually cooked things 
might be a bit more expert
than a married Professor whom I'd guess didn't 
have very much occasion to
cook rabbits.>

You could well be right but, just to be contrary,
I'll point out that he served in the First World
War, a time when he might have at least observed
the art of making a good dinner in the field from
whatever they could scavenge  -- including any
bunnies unfortunate enough to be caught. As to
the quality of the meal produced I've noticed
that food cooked when camping always seems to
taste beter than it deserves. (Friend I've been
camping with, "Ven, make some of that wonderful
hummus you did with that salad in Buttermere." Me
"I'll try but I think will be at its best if you
all can arrange to get lost on a mountain  for
hours before you eat, especially if I serve it
with tinned potatoes again ........"

On the cooking of rabbit: I went on an
archaeological survey of a small Scottish island.
Local meat prices were high, ludicrously so,
hence we ate a lot of the local rabbits. One of
my colleagues was born in India -- you ain't had
rabbit til you've had authentic tandoori rabbit.
Superb, but I'm afraid I don't remember how long
it took to cook, and I think only fantasy
adventurers with wagons should be allowed to
carry the little clay oven in their luggage!


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