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Tue Dec 16 19:29:23 EST 2003

>Quoting minnow at belfry.org.uk:
>> [1] A lot of people, of whom I was one, were going through this exercsie at
>> that point.  Telephone conversations with Clute tended for a while to
>> involve such exchanges as "Hi, John, I was just..."  "Hold on,  Before you
>> say anything, can you give me an example of Billy the Kid in fantasy?"
>> "um.... would you settle for a six-foot-tall hamster that *thinks* it's
>> Billy the Kid?"
>*blink* is that a real book?
>lizzie, who would probably read it if it were.

*Six-Gun Planet* by John Jakes.  Everybody on the entire planet is a
six-foot hamster, or at least the natives all are, and they adopt what they
think are appropriate identities based on their knowledge of the Terran
culture.  It's a long time since I read it: I recall it as being
fair-to-middling entertaining.  But I am fond of it, because it got me the
job working on the EoF.  That and *Marianne Dreams*, which was an obvious
example of a dream-world having an effect on reality, and Clute had missed
it, so I mentioned it when he fired the next question at me, and I happened
to be able to put a date to it the moment he said "When did that come out?"
because I had read it the week before, and so he thought I was incredibly
knowledgable.  I did own up later, once I was sure he wouldn't fire me off
the project...


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