Stew (see scurvy)

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Well, *obviously* it is a magical stew *exchange*. You sign up for the 
service before your party sets out. The agreement is that you will forage, or by 
other means provide fresh ingredients to the uber stewpot in exchange for cooked, 
ready-to-eat stew made from the ingredients provideed by earlier parties. 

You put your ingredients into your pot, and when the water reaches the 
boiling point the exchange starts. First, the water is exchanged for broth, and 
then, the longer the fluid is allowed to simmer, the more the fresh ingredinets 
are replaced by cooked ones. Even at the worst case scenario everyone is assured 
of a bowl of broth. Otherwise a fully-cooked stew is "ready" within an hour 
rather than several. 

In the event that the pot is going to be used for something other than stew, 
a deactivation charm is included to remove it from the exchange network, but 
it is really simpler to just bring a second pot, it the cartage allowance 
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