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Tue Dec 16 16:02:32 EST 2003

> That's different, but don't ask me to explain why because I don't know.  It
> just *is*.  Perhaps it's that you wouldn't have gone and got them for
> yourself, or maybe you would have replaced a pan or two that had really had
> it but the replacements wouldn't have been so nice, or something.

The best kind of present should be something that the recipient likes and
would want, but wouldn't buy for themselves. Thus the habit of buying
socks and underwear for one's male associates and one's children. (In my
family, underwear, socks/stockings, and disposable razors are all
appropriate stocking stuffers. *Grin*)

My brothers and I, having some mutual brain dysfunction about what the
siblings of opposite gender would want, combined with a desire to provide
for ourselves and each other a grown-up version of 'all that stuff under
the tree' have generally indulged in large-denomination gift certificates
when our ingenuity ran out.

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