Dusting (still trying for the most brackets in subject line (was Hair-splitting (was RE: LotR (was Re: reviews (but not of MC)))))

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 16 13:11:20 EST 2003

> >I have seen this said, and of course dusting only
> >stirs it all up again so that it simply settles
> >somewhere else rather than actually goes away (at
> >least that's my excuse). Wasn't it Quentin Crisp who
> >never used to dust as he said if you used something
> >dust didn't settle on it and if you didn't use it the
> >dust was better left alone?
>oh good, then I needn't bother!
>that is definitely *my* kind of housekeeping advice.

I solved the dusting problem by pretending to my 3 year old that it's fun.

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