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Tue Dec 16 12:26:31 EST 2003

Charlie replied to me:

[snip reintroduction of rabbits, a tale of whose correctness I am still not
entirely sure, however
>> It's silly enough to be true.
>How interesting! I wonder why that should be. The only reasons that hop to
>mind are that the climate and/or terrain might have suited them less well in
>Roman times. I've heard that England was even wetter than usual then -
>though surely England was and remained a pretty woody place overall with a
>good amount of rabbit-friendly grassland. Or were there more rabbit
>predators about, perhaps - but if so what? Or could myxamatosis or some such
>lurgy have wiped them out?

I'd love to know if anyone has come up with any explanation for it; all I
can do is report what I was told, and hope someone on the list will have
further information to confirm or refute it...

>Curiouser and curiouser - as Alice might never
>have got the chance to say if Harold hadn't lost at Hastings.

Have you ever encountered a piece by Paul Jennings (may he rest in peace)
(no, not the children's author, the humourous columnist) written entirely
in words untainted by Latin and Norman French?  Very funny.  I am doghoused
beyond belief because someone lent me a copy and I lent it to someone else
who proved to be Unreliable, and it has vanished.

If anyone here happens to have it or know where I can find that again, I'd
be very grateful, because I labour under a burden of guilt about it.  As I
would over any borrowed book I was unable to return, except this was some
pages of A4 paper instead, but none the less important for being short.


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