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Tue Dec 16 11:38:41 EST 2003

> Your response intrigues me and inspires some questions.  Do you see allegory
> as an umbrella category into which myth fits?   And secondly, *can* an
> allegory be unintentional?  Can it be that Tolkien specifically said he
> didn't write an allegory, but accidentally did so anyway?

Well, there's always the fallback of 'such and such can be read as an
allegory of...'

Unintentional allegories may fall into the category of archetypes (or
'stories' as described by Terry Pratchett, I suppose...)

-- Jenne, who knows exactly what Frodo meant when he said, "No taste of
food, no feel of water, no sound of wind, no memory of tree or grass or
flower, no image of moon or star are left to me. I am naked in the dark,
Sam, and there is no veil between me and the wheel of fire. I begin to see
it even with my waking eyes, and all else fades."
But thankfully, not right now. :)

-- Pani Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
"I desire nothing more earnestly than that my work be a stepping-block
which others may mount to glimpse a farther horizon."

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