Bagwash (was Re: Joan Aiken)

minnow at minnow at
Tue Dec 16 06:49:19 EST 2003

Ven pointed out:

>Minnow footnoted
><[1] Why on earth is a launderette called a
>launderette?  I can understand a
>laundromat, horrid word that it is, but *why*
>stick an "ette" onto launder
>for a place you go to wash your clothes if you
>don't have your own
>washing-machine?  Truly the ways of the
>advertiser sometimes baffle me.
>ette.  A little laundry?>
>So you'd rather they stuck with Washeteria?!!

Not really.  There doesn't seem to be any good
word for "a place where you rent the use of a
washing machine for an hour or so" that's not
somehow inately twee -- which feels odd when
what is being talked about is a basic chore.

Laundromat isn't twee, and it's probably most
accurate (as it were) because it's a place
where you feed money into a machine to pay for
laundering , but it sounds ugly, to me.


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