Stew (see scurvy)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Tue Dec 16 03:59:24 EST 2003

Minnow (I think)
> That wasn't me really,
Apologies to Minnow and Knowledgeable P - and thanks Jon for the

All this has reminded me of an interiew with a children's author I heard
once where he talked about the inevitability of making mistakes when writing
historical fiction, and gave as an example a book he wrote (set in Britain
some time before the Norman invasion) where one of his characters caught,
stewed and ate an anachronistic rabbit - a mistake that had to be pointed
out to him by a ten-year-old boy (ten-year-old boys are always willing to
make time to point out this kind of error). Can't remember who the author or
the book was, though - does it ring any bells here?

That reminds me in turn... I very much enjoyed Geraldine McCaughrean's *The
Stones Are Hatching* (set just after WWI) when it came out, and sent it to a
friend of mine, whose hobby is numismatics. His one comment on the book:
'The threepenny bits are the wrong shape.' Sigh...

Charlie (who just tried writing historically for the first time and found it
harder than he ever imagined)

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