Stew (see scurvy)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Mon Dec 15 20:30:41 EST 2003

--- minnow at wrote:
> Charlie wrote:
> >Minnow:
> >>Hm... for boiled rabbit, here's the recipe from
> Mrs. Beeton I found:
> That wasn't me really, but I do have a copy of one
> version of the book: it
> doesn't have a title-page, it starts at page 6, and
> so I don't know what
> date it is,  but it *does* have recipes for things
> like toffee hand-written
> on all the margins and gaps at the ends!
> >I'm a bit disappointed it didn't begin 'First catch
> your rabbit'... or is
> >that just apocryphal?
> I have now gone through the 27 (not a mere 25, as I
> had first thought)
> recipes for rabbit, and the bit about how to dress
> one (this being a family
> list I won't quote that!), and she doesn't seem to
> have said 'First catch
> your rabbit' anywhere that I can find.
> That doesn't mean she never did, of course.  My
> mother's Mrs. Beeton, which
> is called not *Mrs Beeton's Every Day Cookery* but
> *Mrs. Beeton's Household
> Management*, and is older, and about twice the size,
> and has even *more*
> recipes handwritten into it for toffee, might have
> something about catching
> rabbits,  I don't rule out the possibility...
Unfortunately it seems Mrs B never wrote the famous
phrase, which begs the question who did say it? It is
often quoted, and usually attributed to Mrs B., the
real author deserves acknowledgement. It is not in any
of the books of quotations I have here at school.



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