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Mon Dec 15 19:08:33 EST 2003

Charlie wrote:

>>Hm... for boiled rabbit, here's the recipe from Mrs. Beeton I found:

That wasn't me really, but I do have a copy of one version of the book: it
doesn't have a title-page, it starts at page 6, and so I don't know what
date it is,  but it *does* have recipes for things like toffee hand-written
on all the margins and gaps at the ends!

>I'm a bit disappointed it didn't begin 'First catch your rabbit'... or is
>that just apocryphal?

I have now gone through the 27 (not a mere 25, as I had first thought)
recipes for rabbit, and the bit about how to dress one (this being a family
list I won't quote that!), and she doesn't seem to have said 'First catch
your rabbit' anywhere that I can find.

That doesn't mean she never did, of course.  My mother's Mrs. Beeton, which
is called not *Mrs Beeton's Every Day Cookery* but *Mrs. Beeton's Household
Management*, and is older, and about twice the size, and has even *more*
recipes handwritten into it for toffee, might have something about catching
rabbits,  I don't rule out the possibility...

Cling to what may be your illusion!  Even if it isn't Mrs. B., the phrase
is a good one.  It would be cruel of me to rob you of it merely for the
sake of pedantry, or should that be hare-splitting

<dives rapidly under a convenient car rusting slowly at the bottom of a


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