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The Knowledge Pika wrote:

>> If we blame the prevalence of stew in modern fantasy on Tolkien, on account
>> of Sam's stewed rabbits, it has to be admitted that JRRT said that it took
>> about an hour for that stew to be cooked, and over a very small fire at
>> that.  OTOH, Mrs. Beeton suggests one-and-a-half to two hours for stewed or
>> casseroled rabbit,
>Hm... for boiled rabbit, here's the recipe from Mrs. Beeton I found:
>Rabbit Recipes from Mrs Beeton's ALL ABOUT COOKERY, 1909.
>Presented to Mrs G Stokes Bookara Siding, with the compliments of the
>Sunday Times.
>Rabbit -boiled

[snip recipe, for length]

>Time: from 45 to 60 minutes. Average coast 1s 9d to 2s. Sufficient, one
>large rabbit for 4 persons.

<checks copy of Mrs Beeton>

Coo, you're right!  It's on the page before the Casserole and Stew recipes,
and I simply didn't see that the bit on ways to cook coney continued
backwards (as it were) when I opened the book where it said to find Stewed
Rabbit.  I withdraw my doubts about cooking rabbit in an hour... though I
still suspect boiled rabbit of being not-very-palatable, after all the
business of setting up camp one probably wouldn't care.

Mind you, somebody would have to do the skinning and gutting business,
preferably at some distance from the actual campsite, and then bury the
bits so they didn't attract scavengers.  Very nasty chore that one, and
smelly.  I've done it a couple of times, and disenjoyed it.  (We cooked the
bunnies in a casserole with bacon and onions, slowly for about
two-and-a-half hours, and they were jolly good done that way, a bit like
very superior chicken.)


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