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> I suspect that an open fire in the Frozen Waste takes longer to cook a
> coney stew than does a fan-oven, to be honest.  If it were me versus the
> rabbit, in these circs I would probably go for spit-roast, aka
> bunny-onna-stick.  With veg that had been simmering in minimal amounts of
> thawed snow for half-an-hour or so, maybe, or raw if I were feeling
> anti-scurvy, and some sort of carbohydrate to help keep out the cold.

If you can arrange to roast 'bits of bunny on a stick' you will cook it
faster than stewing it, because you have less volume together. However,
roasting a whole rabbit versus stewing up chopped-up rabbit, the whole
rabbit will take longer.

I've just checked my estimates with people on the medieval cooking list
I'm on, where they _do_ have experience cooking over open flame, and so
far they say that a) rabbits aren't very fatty and therefore won't roast
well (thus the descriptions in fantasy of badly roasted rabbit, especially
the nasty half raw, half burned ones...), and b) if you are boiling you
can put the pot on as soon as you get significant flames, rather than
waiting for coals, and c) for a 3 lb rabbit, cut into standard rabbit
sections, an hour in a pot over an open fire is about right.

Remember, an open fire can burn considerably hotter than your average

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