Stew (see scurvy)

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Mon Dec 15 15:49:52 EST 2003

The Knowledge Pika wrote:

>> >I don't mind the cases where by the time the latrine is dug and the horses
>> >dealt with, the meat stew is cooked, especially if it is rabbit; there's
>> >not much meat on a rabbit.
>> That's true, but to my taste at least it's really nasty when it's underdone.
>I tend to estimate that it takes about an hour to dig the latrine, settle
>the horses, set the wards, etc. and the usual setting-up-camp things. If
>you've hacked up the silly lagomorph before boiling him, that doesn't
>sound unreasonable- but maybe I'm misled by modern cooking times? Now, if
>you're roasting him, it should take longer and
>you'd need a bed of coals.

I suspect that an open fire in the Frozen Waste takes longer to cook a
coney stew than does a fan-oven, to be honest.  If it were me versus the
rabbit, in these circs I would probably go for spit-roast, aka
bunny-onna-stick.  With veg that had been simmering in minimal amounts of
thawed snow for half-an-hour or so, maybe, or raw if I were feeling
anti-scurvy, and some sort of carbohydrate to help keep out the cold.

I suspect it would be fairly nasty however one cooked it, but being hungry
enough is an incentive to eat almost anything not actively poisonous...


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