Stew (see scurvy)

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Mon Dec 15 15:49:55 EST 2003

Jon and the Knowledge Pika were discussing stew:

>>A decent stew should have a couple of
>> hours anyway.
>Sure. I think most of what is called 'stew' in fantasy is probably a thin
>soup, which exists for the purpose of cooking the meat, parboiling the
>greens and rehydrating any dried veggies.

If we blame the prevalence of stew in modern fantasy on Tolkien, on account
of Sam's stewed rabbits, it has to be admitted that JRRT said that it took
about an hour for that stew to be cooked, and over a very small fire at
that.  OTOH, Mrs. Beeton suggests one-and-a-half to two hours for stewed or
casseroled rabbit, and if I were looking for advice on cooking I'd probably
feel that someone who actually cooked things might be a bit more expert
than a married Professor whom I'd guess didn't have very much occasion to
cook rabbits.


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