Stew (see scurvy)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Mon Dec 15 14:35:07 EST 2003

--- jenne at wrote:
> > >I don't mind the cases where by the time the
> latrine is dug and the horses
> > >dealt with, the meat stew is cooked, especially
> if it is rabbit; there's
> > >not much meat on a rabbit.
> >
> > That's true, but to my taste at least it's really
> nasty when it's underdone.
> I tend to estimate that it takes about an hour to
> dig the latrine, settle
> the horses, set the wards, etc. and the usual
> setting-up-camp things. If
> you've hacked up the silly lagomorph before boiling
> him, that doesn't
> sound unreasonable- but maybe I'm misled by modern
> cooking times? Now, if
> you're roasting him, it should take longer and
> you'd need a bed of coals.

Modern cooking times can be misleading. I had an old
cook book at school which said to boil an egg for 30
minutes, so obviously things Took Longer to Cook in
the olden days. A decent stew should have a couple of
hours anyway. In the extended two towers movie there
is a stew scene.


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