Stew (see scurvy)

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Mon Dec 15 14:30:35 EST 2003

--- "Rowland, Jennifer A B"
<jennifer.rowland at> wrote:
> Minnow wrote:
> > Thinking of the frying pan as an emergency weapon,
> what is 
> > the correct response from a woman to her husband
> getting 
> > her a replacement frying-pan *that she has to go
> and buy 
> > for herself* for a Christmas present?  Would
> > the group feel that hitting him sharply with the
> old one (Le 
> > Creuset, 10lb of cast iron) would be justifiable
> homicide, 
> > or would that be contrary to the Spirit of
> Christmas?
> I fear I'm no help, since the thought of being able
> to go and choose oneself a new Le Creuset frying pan
> for Christmas is bringing on envious tooth-grinding.
> I do see that if it was something boring like, um,
> er, a set of cushions, thoughts of smothering would
> cross my mind repeatedly.

I was suggesting to my wife that she might like to buy
me a new frypan for christmas too, there is also a
long list of books and a somewhat shorter one of DVDs
but she will probably settle for clothes which I do
not think of as presents at all. They're not special,
but just something you go out and buy when you need
(or in my case about two years after you actually
"need" them) (which is probably why I get them as


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