Stew (see scurvy)

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Mon Dec 15 11:39:41 EST 2003

Minnow wrote:
> Thinking of the frying pan as an emergency weapon, what is 
> the correct response from a woman to her husband getting 
> her a replacement frying-pan *that she has to go and buy 
> for herself* for a Christmas present?  Would
> the group feel that hitting him sharply with the old one (Le 
> Creuset, 10lb of cast iron) would be justifiable homicide, 
> or would that be contrary to the Spirit of Christmas?

I fear I'm no help, since the thought of being able to go and choose oneself a new Le Creuset frying pan for Christmas is bringing on envious tooth-grinding. I do see that if it was something boring like, um, er, a set of cushions, thoughts of smothering would cross my mind repeatedly.

For the avoidance of many posts, a copy of the Thog biography would be very welcome, thank you!

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