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Mon Dec 15 09:38:56 EST 2003

> >pancakes might be easier, as non-stick frying pans seem to be a regular
> >feature.
> Except in the Desert, where they get cleaned by being Scoured With Sand,
> which would put paid to *that* hi-tech nonsense PDQ!
> Thinking of the frying pan as an emergency weapon, what is the correct
> response from a woman to her husband getting her a replacement frying-pan
> *that she has to go and buy for herself* for a Christmas present?  Would
> the group feel that hitting him sharply with the old one (Le Creuset, 10lb
> of cast iron) would be justifiable homicide, or would that be contrary to
> the Spirit of Christmas?

I don't know, though I am reminded of a short story by, I think, Patricia
Wrede, about a Frying Pan of Doom.

(The turning point in my relations with my extremely crackpot dad was at
the age of 16, when I had cooked dinner-- very thick spaghetti sauce in
the 10" cast iron skillet-- and was attempting to serve dinner and request
a ride to play practice from our rather out of the way home. He asked, as
usual, why I couldn't get a ride with someone else, and I looked from him
to the skillet, contemplating dumping the boiling sauce over his head and
then thumping him with the skillet. He stopped whining about driving me to
the extra-curricular activities after that.)

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