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Mon Dec 15 09:14:31 EST 2003

Jennifer wrote:

>Minnow wrote:
>> (and when *Thog* nitpick, nit *stay* picked.)
>I gave myself The Silence of the Langford for a christmas present, but
>couldn't resist reading it early. Yumyumyum. A book that's *all* good
>bits- I had to read it alone, or A. would have been driven mad by chuckles
>and having bits read out.
>Am now dithering about He Do The Time Police In Different Voices- it's a
>bit expensive, but it's bound to be good. Maybe to cheer me up in

When Thog read aloud, DWJ corpse on floor.

Other Head of Thog also put "Quest, Eternal, see Eternal Quest" in *Tough

If you missed the Easter Convention at which Thog was a Guest of Honour, I
happen to have the Programme Book around and can send you his bio from it.
I can't in email put it in proper Thogscript, which is the one this machine
calls "Olde English".  Thog speak only in proper font...


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