Hair-splitting (was RE: LotR (was Re: reviews (but not of MC)))

minnow at minnow at
Mon Dec 15 09:14:29 EST 2003

Jennifer asked

>Otter wrote:
>> My degree is in hair-splitting, incidentally.
>Ah, materials science! Is a spilt hair weaker than half the strength of a
>complete hair?

The adolescent blonde who infests my premises says split *ends* of hair are
"friable", but I'm not sure I believe her.  On the other hand, it might
explain the way flat surfaces round here get covered in fine pale dust
almost before I've had time to put away the duster after using it.

Didn't someone once do research that showed dust on a flat polished surface
never gets to be more than a certain depth however long you leave it
undusted, and it reaches that depth within some surprisingly small number
of days?  Makes me wonder why I bother, really.

("The odzers are moulting in the shrubbery.  The hair is ankle deep in
places."  Monica Edwards)


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