Stew (see scurvy)

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Sun Dec 14 16:53:33 EST 2003

Jon torpedoed all the cunning orbital plots
about Instant Stew (just add boiling water):

>Surely it would be easier just to sell "magic" stew
>pots and somewhere have a massive caldron making stew.
>When you want to create a stew in your magic stewpot
>some wizard just teleports an appropriate amount of
>stew from the cauldron into your stewpot.

The problem with this presumably would be in the
ordering system.  There would have to be a sensor in
the bottom of the stewpot, or something, so that the
wizard knew when to teleport the stew into it.  "Just
add boiling water" might come into its own here.

Otherwise one might get stew suddenly arriving in a
pot that was packed in someone's knapsack, probably
upside-down and already full of spare shirts.  Or
rather, in the bag made from the bits of Saddle Roll
or blankets and harness.  However much such a thing
is advertised by the Management to be quite trouble-
free, I can't believe it would "not fall to pieces
and drop your lunch" if the lunch were a liquid and
presumably very hot stew....

>I can see
>all sorts of complications arising from incorrect
>deliveries  ..... "'Salome, here is the head of John
>the Baptist', 'Ooh no luv, mine was the egg and

No, I think it's like spam, everything but stew is
Off.  (See -> scurvy; but see also -> food.)

A question: is any of the stew vegetarian or vegan?
Or is rabbit or just "meat" obligatory?


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