Stew (see scurvy)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Sun Dec 14 15:29:57 EST 2003

--- minnow at wrote:
> Roger didn't explain:
> >On Sat, Dec 13, 2003 at 02:02:18AM +0000, Minnow
> wrote:
> >>Somebody once came up with a faux-magical
> explanation for instant stew
> >>(possibly someone on this list, in which case
> could you explain it for me
> >>again please?).  As far as I remember, you make
> your stew at leisure, at
> >>home, then you put it in a container and get a
> handy wizard to teleport it
> >>into orbit, in vacuum not the atmosphere, and
> bring it back after a
> >>suitable interval.  Voila, freeze-dried dehydrated
> stew, just add boiling
> >>water.
> >
> >You'd need to choose the container very carefully,
> so that it'd let the
> >air and water vapour out quickly, but retain all
> the stew-fragments as
> >they explode all over the place... tricky in a
> low-materials-tech world.
> Heavy-duty muslin bag inside stewpot but outside
> stew, and teleport only
> the stew-containing bag and not the metal or
> earthenware pot (which would
> be easier anyway, I suppose, because the pot would
> be just so much added
> weight)?  The teleportation would presumably be
> instantaneous, and could
> also accurately replace the bag inside the stewpot
> on the return of the
> stew from orbit.
> The muslin bag would not be destroyed during the
> cooking process if the
> stew were made properly (that is, simmered at a low
> temperature for many
> hours); if the worst came to the worst and one had
> to make the stew over a
> flame instead of in an oven, one could always
> *decant the stew* -- I know
> that's advanced cookery, but presumably the makers
> of instant stew for sale
> to Groups Of Companions would be in practice at
> their art.

Surely it would be easier just to sell "magic" stew
pots and somewhere have a massive caldron making stew.
When you want to create a stew in your magic stewpot
some wizard just teleports an appropriate amount of
stew from the cauldron into your stewpot. I can see
all sorts of complications arising from incorrect
deliveries  ..... "'Salome, here is the head of John
the Baptist', 'Ooh no luv, mine was the egg and


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