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  Laurel asked...

  > I'm curious - have you read _The Sleeping Dragon_ or any of the other
  > Joel Rosenberg _Guardians of the Flame_ series, or _The Secret Country_
  > or _The Hidden Land_  by Pamela Dean, and if so, did they come closer to
  > addressing the things you thought were important?  Or did any other >
books based on people from this world traveling to a magical one for a
  > quest?  Would you care to mention what you would look for?  I rather
  > like this subgenre and I'd be curious to know why other readers liked,
  > or avoided, it.

  I'm not Melissa, but I have, in fact, read "The Sleeping Dragon".  The
notion of taking a bunch of gamers into their game-world is one that
intrigues me, being a gamer myself.

  My feeling on that particular one was that it started out quite
promisingly, but then devolved rather boringly into a standard Quest
Fantasy.  But it's a good while since I've read it (and I never could find
any of the rest of the series), so I may have forgotten bits/be maligning it

  The trouble is, I'm not entirely sure what I would want the characters in
that specific situation (gamers-in-game-world) to be doing, so I'm not sure
what I would have preferred Rosenberg to do with that story.

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