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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 14 12:00:12 EST 2003

>doesn't spoil the book, for me - indeed it seems all of a piece with it. By
>contrast, her statement that the theme of *Mansfield Park* was 'ordination'
>did hurt the book, because suggested that she really did mean the dreary
>Edmund Bertram to be taken seriously as its hero, whereas without that
>clarification I might have imagined her intentions towards him to be rather
>more distant and ironic.

I wrote an essay for a grad seminar on whether Mansfield Park is about 
ordination. I actually think it makes for a very interesting reading, but 
you have to look at it a bit more broadly. I talked about ordination in 
part as a (metaphor) test for a good person. In fact, Fanny is the only 
really fit person, but of course she can't be a parson because she is a 
man. I also think it is interesting to look at Austen's statement about 
ordination in context with her life surrounded by clergymen.

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