LotR (was Re: reviews (but not of MC))

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 13 23:53:28 EST 2003

>>Not to harp, but why is authorial intention a conclusive argument-ender 
>>to this discussion? I know Tolkien said the book wasn't an allegory, but 
>>it is damn easy to read as one. There seems to be some space here for 
>>debate: just because Tolkien made these pronouncements doesn't mean he's 
>Avoiding all questions of authorial intent (except the one about how I 
>seem to recall seeing it expressed as 'auctorial' intent in the long-ago 
>before all my critical theory books were destroyed in a **Flood.  Did my 
>encounter with the word 'auctorial' take place in a liminal zone?), I 
>guess I'll just toss this into the topic like a superball --- wasn't 
>Tolkien setting out to write *myth?*

What's your point? A myth can quite easily be allegorical; in fact, most of 
them are, in some way.

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