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Sat Dec 13 17:43:29 EST 2003

Melissa Proffitt wrote:

>One far more spectacular example of not liking a book because it didn't meet
>my expectations was, of course, _Dark Lord of Derkholm_.  I had come up with
>an idea for a book based on people from our world traveling to a magical
>fantasy world for quests--not enough of an idea to write it, but enough to
>have played with plot ideas and characters--and _Dark Lord_ just never
>addressed any of the things that *I* thought were important.  Sad, silly,
>stubborn me.  :)
I'm curious - have you read _The Sleeping Dragon_ or any of the other 
Joel Rosenberg _Guardians of the Flame_ series, or _The Secret Country_  
or _The Hidden Land_  by Pamela Dean, and if so, did they come closer to 
addressing the things you thought were important?  Or did any other 
books based on people from this world traveling to a magical one for a 
quest?  Would you care to mention what you would look for?  I rather 
like this subgenre and I'd be curious to know why other readers liked, 
or avoided, it.

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