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Deborah wrote:

>On Wed, 10 Dec 2003 minnow at wrote:
>|obDWJ again, one of ML's books mentioned above (I can't remember which)
>Harpy's Flight

Thank you!  I haven't read them in about twenty years, I don't suppose, and
never did own them.

>|contains the Ultimate Instant Stew: the heroine for reasons I won't go into
>|(because I can't remember them)
>Because she's stubborn and her life sucks, mostly.  How very

Hadn't her entire family been eaten by harpies, or something?  I think one
might be entitled to be a tad peeved about that.

>|has set off with a wagon and horses to go
>|through an impassible pass in the worst of the winter, and camps for the
>|night quite early in the afternoon.  She puts snow in the kettle and boils
>|it up, makes a cup of tea, has a fight with someone who is trying to steal
>|one of the horses, beats him, makes him a cup of tea, adds more snow, dried
>|meat and some veg to the kettle and then with her opponent's help grooms
>|the horses.  As far as I remember, the stew is ready to eat by the time the
>|horses are settled for the night and the tea has become cool enough to
>|drink (though the tea-drinking may happen a little earlier than the actual
>Though at least this scene is funny (in the dark Harpy's Flight way),

I may have remembered it because it was funny, now you mention.

>which give it several up on all of
>Eddings' instant stew scenes!

I don't wish to know about that!  Kindly leave the stage!  :-)

Somebody once came up with a faux-magical explanation for instant stew
(possibly someone on this list, in which case could you explain it for me
again please?).  As far as I remember, you make your stew at leisure, at
home, then you put it in a container and get a handy wizard to teleport it
into orbit, in vacuum not the atmosphere, and bring it back after a
suitable interval.  Voila, freeze-dried dehydrated stew, just add boiling


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