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Jenne said...
> On the other hand, there's always _Mirror of Her Dreams_ and _A Man Rides
> Through_ which are so bloody irritating because the heroine won't do
> anything not because she doesn't believe the world is real, but because
> she doesn't believe she is 'real' and can't believe she could have an
> effect on the world. (Among the few books I liked and wanted to throw
> against the wall at the same time.)

Hm.  I read the first of those, and got very cross because the story didn't
do what I wanted it to do - which is to say, given that starting set-up, had
I been writing it, I'd have taken the story in wildly different directions
than those Mr. Donaldson went for.  So I got very cross with him and his
book because they weren't going where I would have gone, and where I wanted
to go.

The book may be a perfectly good one, but I could *not* get past the fact
that it wasn't following my expectations, so I hated it.  Anyone else ever
have this problem?

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