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Fri Dec 12 15:14:34 EST 2003

> That just takes it back to authorial intention trumping everything.  If it
> can be interpreted as an allegory, then it *is* an allegory for the sake of
> that reading.  And it isn't true that anything can be interpreted as an
> allegory; while many things may have allegorical meaning, a true allegory is
> something that corresponds to the original on many, many points, and they
> are quite rare.

If you read Alexei Panshin's _Thurb Revolution_, there is a nod to this in
a scene where someone picks out allegories in a set of children's
nature stories which are a great deal more elemental than the stories
themselves-- for example, Sammy Swims Upstream, about a salmon that fights
his way upstream against terrible odds only to reach his goal, expire, and
be reborn in a higher form...)

On the other hand, I found it rather disturbing to have the obviously
obsessive _In Memoriam_ interpreted as evidence that Tennyson was gay. :)

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"And sin, young man, is when you treat people as things. Including
yourself. That's what sin is." -- Terry Pratchett, _Carpe Jugulum_

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