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--- Ven <vendersleighc at yahoo.com> wrote:
> . As well as drawing on the Scandinavian/Germanic
> mythology of Northern Europe Tolkien lifted a
> great deal from the Finnish Kalevala. I
> recognised quite a few plot elements in the Lost
> Tales (although all I remember is a guy who
> manages to do everything wrong, including
> accidentally sleeoing with his sister). One of
> the most striking parallels is with the stories
> of the smith Ilmarinen, who makes, among other
> things, a replacement Sun and Moon, and a
> marvellous prosperity generating device called
> the Sampo, devices which compare with the
> Silmarils themselves  as well as the one ring.   
> So I don't think it was a dead lift, more of a
> synthesis of mythical elements which had a
> distinctly synergetic effect.
> This is a link to an article about Tolkien and
> the Kalevala
> And this is a summary of the Kalevala, my search
> slills failed to locate the entire text (which is
> very long and I failed to finish).*
> http://www.finlit.fi/kalevala/finfoeng8.htm
> *Finish ouch

The full text in English (1888 translation) is
available here


and here


while those who feel it looses something in the
translation can read it in Finish here



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