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>So . . . I'm wondering . . . and I've been wondering for a long while 
>now . . .
>What's MST3K?
It means Mystery Science Theater 3000.  It was a television/movie show that
played awful old SF/horror movies with humorous commentary.  The premise was
that this ordinary guy was shot into space and "experimented on" by some
inept scientists; they were trying to see if they could drive him crazy by
making him watch these terrible movies.  Only he built some robots to keep
him company, and while the movie is showing you can see the silhouettes of
the guy and two robot friends as if they are sitting in a theater, making

You can get some of the old episodes on tape or DVD.  We have a group that
gets together every month or so to watch either MST3K or another horrible
movie and do our own heckling.  I think "Manos: The Hands of Fate" has
scarred me for life.  Not in a good way, either.  They also do short films,
like instructional movies or school hygiene films, that are hilarious all by

Additionally, if you ever want to read _The Eye of Argon_ without going
blind or insane, someone did an MST3K treatment of that horrible book that
makes the experience quite pleasant.  (A friend of mine actually encountered
someone who believed that emeralds were red.  At first she thought he was
parodying _Argon_, but it turned out she had to talk for fifteen minutes to
convince him of the truth.)

Melissa Proffitt
(who should no doubt be teaching the kids instead of reading email)

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