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Thu Dec 11 08:43:39 EST 2003

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Sally Odgers wrote:

|I am cross with Amazon.
|It told me there was a new DWJ edited book (Firebirds).
|It told me I could have a 40 % discount.
|It told me I could buy a second book and have free shipping.
|It told me I couldn't have free shipping 'cos I'm not in America.
|It told me it was going to charge me the price of the book (minus one cent) to get the book by slow boat.

Amazon bites!

(But it's not a DWJ edited book.  It's a book of short stories by
splendid authors, edited by Sharyn November (hi, Sharyn!), and she hasa
good story in it. Actually it was the Lloyd Alexander story that did me
in for the collection.  Mmm.)

I'm not a roman, mum, and I never will be. I'm a kike, a yid, a
heebie, a hook-nose, I'm kosher, mum. I'm a red sea pedestrian, and
proud of it.		--  _life of brian_

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