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Minnow, quoting Jon:

>>I would disagree with the statement
>>that Tolkien doesn't give his world a God.
> So would Tolkien, at a guess!  The first
> sentence of the Silmarillion might be a bit
> of a giveaway on the subject, I would have
> thought.
> But perhaps anyone who makes such a strange
> claim hasn't read the Silmarillion.

Well, I tried three times to read the Silmarillion, and managed only a
chapter or so each time, so I've rather given up on that one...  So I
can't comment about Tolkien's treatment of God in his work.

> In fact, I'm now feeling a bit pressed to
> think of many books for a non-adult reader-
> ship that *do* go in for God as opposed to
> gods, at least in the fantasy/magic area.

And very little adult fantasy, for that matter!

Tanith Lee has God rather than gods in "The Winter Players", but I can't
think of much else in children's fantasy.  ObDWJ, I did like the way
that Gwyn ap Nud (or however you spell that!) in The Merlin Conspiracy
was a clergyman.

(On the adult side, though, the treatment of God was almost the _only_
thing I liked about Donaldson's Thomas Covenant books)


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